Skiing enthusiasts wait year-round to enjoy ski season when it finally arrives. The right winter gear is imperative to a safe, enjoyable day on the slopes. Ski gloves, like boots, helmets, goggles, and other equipment, are essential. Whether it's your first time on the slopes, or you're preparing for your annual ski trip, you need the best gear.

Warmth, insulation, and range of motion are some of the factors that skiers should consider when selecting gloves. You want equipment that'll keep you warm, comfortable, and allow you to perform at your best. It's never too early to look for the best equipment possible, and with the availability of gloves online, you don't even have to leave your house to get a great pair. Whether you're a pro or just starting out, having the right ski gloves for you is crucial. But first, you need to know how to choose them.

How to Select the Best Ski Gloves

Ski Gloves

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Before choosing winter ski gloves, skiers have to consider the different varieties available. Depending on warmth, and personal comfort levels, each skier will choose a different glove style. No matter what fit skiers prefer, there are several varieties of ski gloves to select for the ski season.

Glove types

Ski Gloves

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There are multiple glove styles for skiers to choose when comparing ski gloves. A hybrid, mitten, or traditional glove are some of the most common varieties.



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One of the main advantages of ski mittens is the fact that they are warmer than ski gloves. They are also easier to put on and take off in a hurry. Because the fingers are together, rather than in individual slots, body warmth transfers. The major drawback of mittens is the fact that your ability to grip and mobility suffer in comparison to gloves. Skiers wearing mittens have a decreased range of motion, limiting their ability to grip ski poles while skiing. But for those looking for the warmest variety, mittens are probably the best option.



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Ski gloves allow skiers to have a full range of mobility that ski mittens don't afford them. They can quickly move their hands, fingers, and wrists. Ski gloves are easier to grip ski poles with also. Ski gloves, however, are thinner and don't offer as much warmth as mittens do. Even thicker materials aren't as warm as ski mittens are. Skiers who maintain higher body temperatures, and don't feel as much cold in the extremities, will prefer gloves.

3-in-1 design

The 3-in-1 design features an outer shell membrane, and a removable liner glove or mitten interior. The shell liner helps increase levels of warmth. And, the mitten or glove option allows each skier to choose the fit that's most comfortable for them. These gloves offer excellent dexterity, allowing skiers to use their hands and fingers freely when skiing.



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PrimaLoft, Thermolite, Thinsulate, and wool or cotton are some common insulation materials in ski gloves. Depending on the material wearers are most comfortable with, each skier will choose a different material. Different materials provide varying levels of warmth. In colder temperatures, thicker insulation might be a better option than a thinner membrane. In mild conditions, skiers might prefer a thin insulation material. It'll keep them warm while ensuring high levels of comfort while skiing. Cotton, wool, and goose down materials are comfortable and thicker than Thinsulate or Thermolite insulation. Every skier has their personal preference. Trying out different ski gloves is the best way to find the warmest and most comfortable fit.

Waterproofing and breathability of ski gloves

Ski Gloves 4

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It's also essential to consider waterproof exteriors and breathability of ski gloves or mittens when choosing a pair. Gore-Tex, Omni-Technology, or other waterproofing materials help keep hands dry in snowy conditions. This feature also helps ensure skiers remain warm when temperatures dip while they're skiing. Breathability is also essential for skiers who sweat in milder conditions. The interior liner allows hands to breathe, and wicks sweat away from their hands. Breathable liners allow sweat to escape. Hands remain warm and dry, and condensation doesn't build up on the interior surface of the ski gloves.efore choosing winter ski gloves, skiers have to consider the different varieties available. Depending on warmth, and personal comfort levels, each skier will choose a different glove style. No matter what fit skiers prefer, there are several varieties of ski gloves to select for the ski season.

Standard Features of the Best Ski Gloves

Several key features are present in the best ski gloves available from the top manufacturers. Depending on the type of glove skiers choose, some gloves have more features than others. Some of the shared variables ski gloves feature are:

  • Palm/fingerprint with a textured finish, furnishing grip to the wearer
  • An adjustable cuff to tighten/loosen the gloves and keep cold air out
  • Hooks to attach the gloves to ski pants, bags, or jackets, when skiers aren't wearing them
  • A heat vent for warm air escape and to prevent condensation buildup on the interior lining
  • Many feature goggle wipers in the form of a rubber ridge that acts as a squeegee
  • Soft areas designed to be used as a nose wipe~

Some ski gloves also feature additional padding on the exterior. This design helps minimize the impact if skiers fall and try to break the fall with their hands. It also helps increase warmth, if thinner interior lining/insulation is present in the ski gloves. Not all gloves have every one of these features. However, the best gloves have a combination of these, and other features, setting them apart from other products.

How We Reviewed These Ski Gloves

When comparing the best ski gloves, we considered several factors. In addition to comparing gloves vs. mittens, we also discussed the features of the best gloves. We examined the best brands, insulation, finishes, and material finish. We also include consumer reviews and positive/negative feedback about the best gloves and mittens. This information, along with design features, helps each skier find the best ski gloves when they're purchasing ski gear.

Average Price of Ski Gloves

Ski gloves and mittens are available on various websites. Amazon, BackCountry, REI, eBay, and sites like DickSportingGoods, also carry several products. Consumers can also purchase them directly through manufacturer websites. Prices vary because of features, design, insulation, and materials consumers choose.

The Best Ski Gloves Available

When choosing ski gear and accessories, it's important to compare several products. These are some of the best products available for skiers to consider when shopping for ski gear in 2018.

Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

Burton Men's Gore-Tex Glove, Bog Heather, Large
  • DRYRIDE two-layer fabric with Gore warm technology offers a dry and breathable level of performance
  • Screen Grab Toughgrip palm won't fray or wear out and features built-in touchscreen-compatible technology
  • Brushed microfiber fixed lining with Thermacore insulation keeps hands warm while limiting bulk; Comfortable ergonomic fit
  • Removable four-way stretch DRYRIDE Thermex liner provides amplified warmth and versatility; Sticky Icky grip palm offers a firm handle for securing any tool
  • Hidden heater/vent pocket can hold a disposable hand warmer or provide ventilation; Removable wrist leash

These gloves feature a screen-grab, touch grip palm. This feature allows owners to use their smartphone, or other devices, without taking the gloves off. A Dryride ultra exterior shell helps maintain warmth, without overheating the hands. Gore-Tex technology helps keep hands warm, without the gloves feeling bulky for wearers.

The ThermaCore TM insulation is thin and helps preserve body heat well. A microfiber flex lining is warm, and soft, increasing levels of comfort with these gloves. The ergonomic fit ensures high comfort levels for longer durations of use.

This reviewer notes the gloves are warm and comfortable. They indicate, however, that they are bulky as well. So, it makes it difficult to grip ski poles and mobilize when skiing.

Carhartt Insulated Gloves

Carhartt Men's W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove
  • Durable polytex shell
  • FastDry technology lining wicks away sweat for comfort
  • Waterproof insert.
  • Reinforced polyurethane (PU) palm.
  • How to measure gloves: Hand circumference - Flat, from the crook of thumb around outer edge of palm

These polyester gloves are waterproof and feature a polyurethane lining. A pull on closure also helps keep the gloves secure and in place while skiing.

The fast-dry technology helps wick water, snow, and sweat away from the hands. Wearers feel high levels of warmth, and comfort, in all skiing conditions. A waterproof insert also helps keep the hands warm and dry in wet skiing conditions.

Reviewers indicate the gloves are comfortable, warm, and great for skiing in colder temperatures. The main drawback is the issue with the sizing and proper fit of the gloves.

Dakine Titan Gloves

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove - Black | Medium
  • The gauntlet style shell of the Titan Glove is water repellent and durable, and the GORE-TEX insert with Gore Warm adds warmth and waterproofing.
  • A removable Storm Liner glove is touch screen compatible, so you can keep up with your crew without any of that pesky frostbite ruining your plans, and it's a lot easier to dry gloves out after a long day, or give them a much needed cleaning.
  • A Rubbertec palm means rugged durability in the most heavily-worn area of the glove, while giving you a sure grip.
  • Meanwhile the external water resistant zipper stash is ideal for securing your locker key and beer money, and it doubles as a heat pack pocket when you're not running on liquid warmth.
  • Dakine builds gloves for all conditions, our extensive winter offering is designed for warmth, dexterity, and comfort.

These gloves feature a Gore-Tex liner and Rubbertec palm. This allows owners to keep their gloves on when using their mobile devices. It has a zip closure to prevent cold air from seeping in through the wrists.

High loft synthetic insulation is light while preserving warmth. The gloves have a nose and goggle wipe on them also. A nylon shell has an exterior waterproof treatment to ensure gloves stay dry in snowy conditions.

One reviewer indicates the gloves are warm and comfortable.

However, the seam broke after a couple of uses, limiting the usability of the gloves.

Kombi Sanctum Ski Glove

Kombi Men's Sanctum Gloves, Large, Black
  • Heat-pack pocket with waterproof YKK zipper
  • Glove friendly ladder-lock wrist cinch with easy-grab bead
  • Soft nose wipe on thumb, durable water-repellent Goatskin leather
  • Fingertip wrap-cap construction
  • Soft-Stretch fleece inner cuff, comfortable removable Kombi Keeper leash

These gloves are polyester and spandex, ensuring comfort and mobility throughout the fingers and palms. A leather palm, leather cuff, and Gore-Tex waterproofing keep hands warm in all weather conditions.

The goose down insulation is warm and doesn't weigh the gloves down either. A water repellant exterior and breathable insert help keep hands comfortable in all conditions. The Gore-Tex liner also helps wick sweat and prevents condensation buildup.

The leather isn't the best material for snow and wet conditions. This reviewer notes their hands go cold as temperatures got colder while wearing the gloves.

N'Ice Caps Mitten

N'Ice Caps Unisex Adult High Performance Breathable Winter Mittens (Men's Medium/Large, Mittens - Black)
  • VERY WARM, WATERPROOF AND SNOWPROOF: The mittens and gloves are insulated with 100 Grams of 3M Thinsulate, which is intended to keep warm in very cold winter temperatures. The mittens and gloves are fully waterproof and keep your hands dry in wet, snowy and icy conditions. The mittens have an extended length gauntlet cuff with a lock that can be tucked under your coat sleeve to prevent snow from getting inside.
  • BRING ON THE SNOW! These mittens and gloves are perfectly suited for cold, snowy outdoors activities including shoveling, skiing and snowboarding. The mittens and gloves have grippers throughout the palm area as well as grippers on the thumbs and fingers, which makes them well suited for physical winter activities. The gloves are also designed with curved fingers for better comfort and ergonomics.
  • EASY TO PUT ON, ADJUST AND WEAR: The mittens and gloves are designed with elastic in the wrist area, which widens and allows plenty of room to comfortably fit your hands inside and in place in the finger holes. The hook and loop closure allows for adjustability and a tight, secure fit to keep the mittens and gloves on. These are great for active everyday winter use, as well as for skiing and snowboarding trips.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Length (L) is measured from the elastic along the mitten/glove wrist to the end of the mitten/glove fingers; Width (W) is measured across the mitten/glove palm area at the widest point: Men's XX-Large (9.0" L, 6.0" W); Men's L/XL (8.5" L, 5.5" W); Men's S/M (8.0" L, 5.25" W); Women's L/XL (7.85" L, 5.0" W); Women's M (7.5" L, 4.5" W); When measuring hands, allow 0.5 inches extra room for cushion.
  • WE ARE FROM MINNESOTA. IT'S COLD UP HERE! With over 30 years of experience shoveling snow in Minnesota winters, we at N'Ice Caps understand the importance of having quality and safe winter apparel. Whether your activities involve walking your dog or shoveling, or skiing and snowboarding, we are deeply committed to providing you with high quality products so that you will stay warm and safe in cold weather conditions.

Skiers looking for a great deal will love this affordable ski mitten. It features 100-gram Thinsulate insulation. It keeps the mitten light, without compromising on warmth in colder temperatures.

A PU gripper palm allows owners to keep the gloves on while texting or using smart devices. They also feature an adjustable wrist strap and waterproof membrane.

One reviewer notes the material on the palms is slippery.

This design makes it difficult to grip ski poles or equipment when wearing the gloves for skiing.

Andorra Touchscreen Ski Mitten

ANDORRA Men's Snowboarding Mittens with Zippered, Black, L/XL
  • Nonslip grip material from palms to fingertips
  • Low-Profile zippered pockets hold keys, tickets, cash, and cards
  • Soft-coated thumb backings for scratch-free goggle/lens wiping
  • 100g Lining
  • Elastic under wrist; adjustable heavy-duty straps

The mittens feature a textured touchscreen palm that's compatible with smartphones and devices. A nonslip hand grip and low-profile zippers allow owners to store small items in the mittens.

The 3M Thinsulate material only weighs 100 grams. The gloves are light, but do not compromise on the levels of warmth skiers will feel wearing them. There's elastic on the wrist straps also, allowing owners to easily adjust the mittens for the highest levels of comfort.

One reviewer notes there are issues with the sizing. Although the gloves are warm and comfortable, this reviewer indicates they are too small for long periods of wear.

Hestra Ski Mitten

Hestra Heli Ski Womens Glove - Classic Leather Snow Mitten for Skiing, Snowboarding and Mountaineering (Women's Fit) - Black/Offwhite - 7
  • DESIGNED FOR: The Army Leather Heli Ski was designed for freeriders, professional mountain guides and patrollers, ski instructors and others who place high demands on function, fit and durability. Developed with a slimmer profile, this mitten makes a perfect fit for women.
  • DURABLE FABRIC: Windproof, water-resistant, and breathable HESTRA Triton fabric on backhand with our most durable Army Goat Leather on palm and fingers.
  • RETAIN WARMTH: Holding heat even in wet conditions, this mitten is the warmest in the Heli Ski Female family, and made from a very thin polyester fiber with exceptionally high insulating capacity.
  • ALWAYS ADAPTABLE: This mitten has a removable, soft and cozy lining, but can be combined with other liners for greater adaptability in varying conditions.
  • CONVENIENT FEATURES: This mitten features an elastic strap with Velcro closure for easy accessibility, a snow lock to keep the cold out and heat in, and an Eagle Grip design that follows your hand’s natural curve to give a more comfortable grip.

These gloves feature a fiberfill insulation material. They also have a removable liner. This finish helps increase breathability in warmer conditions. And, when temperatures get colder, skiers can keep the lining in to increase levels of warmth.

The glove is windproof and waterproof to help keep hands warm and dry in all winter ski conditions. They have a snow lock feature and Velcro closure system to ensure cold air won't penetrate through the wrists.

One reviewer indicates that women's sizing for this glove is very narrow. So, consumers might want to purchase one size larger than their standard glove sizes.

OZero Ski Mitten

Ski Mittens Cold Proof Winter Thermal Gloves Warm 3M Thinsulate Insulation and 5-inch Long Sleeve - Water-resistant Windproof Insulated for Skiing/Snowmobile/Shoveling Snow Yellw Large
  • WARM HANDS,GOOD GRIP AND COMFORTABLE FOR EXTREME COLD WEATHER – OZERO Winter Work & Ski Gloves are lined with thermal TR lining and filled with 150g/m2 of 3M Thinsulate insulation insert to provide superior warmth and comfort in extreme cold weather as low as - 40°F to contribute to make these gloves the warmest gloves.Please refer to the size chart in the product image area to choose the fittest size
  • WINDPROOF, WATER RESISTANT, SWEAT-ABSORBENT, SNOW PROOF – The unique air design of the winter sports gloves feature windproof and water-resistant nylon outer layer inserted with breathable and waterproof inserted TPU membrane that protect your hand from harsh weather and cold snowmelt while allowing air to flow through the snow gloves to keep your hands sweat-free and flexible
  • GREAT FOR WINTER CHORES AND OUTDOOR SPORTS IN THE SNOW – These work gloves for men & women with“double stitches” seal and cow leather palm reinforced by wear-resistant cowhide patch between thumb and forefinger provides superior durability, wear-resistance and even aids in grip on shovels, ski poles, hockey sticks and so on
  • ADJUSTABLE LONG SLEEVE GLOVES – OZERO winter gloves with 5-inch extra long sleeves keep warmth and protect your hands from cold wind and splashing snow while working or skiing.The accessory adjustable belt on the wrist and the controllable cuff with flexible strap allow you to keep warm in heavy wind and snow weather
  • PERFECT FIT FOR UNISEX – Choose snug-fit size from M, L, XL ,XXL. Measure your hand circumference to find the right size on the size chart.If you are debating between two sizes or you like relaxed feeling, choose the larger size

The mittens feature 3M Thinsulate liners to help keep hands warm in all temperatures. A cotton and cowhide material on the palms is durable, and it won't deteriorate quickly in the snow.

The mittens feature an adjustable wrist strap design. Owners can easily tighten or loosen them for max levels of comfort while skiing. They are waterproof and wind resistant, so hands stay warm and dry in all conditions. A Gore-Tex liner keeps palms dry and ensures high levels of breathability.

One reviewer indicates the mittens are not the best option for cold temperatures. Although they're okay in mild climates, when temperatures dip they're not the warmest product available.

The Best Ski Gloves and Mittens Available for Skiers

Skiers have to consider several factors when purchasing ski gear. For those who prefer ski mittens, the best product is the Hestra Mitten. The powder mitten is wind, water, and snow proof. There's a removable liner to help increase breathability and warmth in colder temperatures. A handcuff, Velcro closure, and fiberfill insulation ensure the highest levels of warmth and comfort. A durable exterior finish is a guarantee the gloves won't deteriorate or tear/damage shortly after purchasing them.

Skiers who prefer a ski glove design will appreciate the Dakine ski gloves. They're affordable and feature a comfortable shell exterior. The polyester insulation keeps hands warm and prevents sweat from building up on the liners. A Rubbertec palm allows owners to use their phones/devices without removing the gloves. The high loft synthetic insulation is warm, and Gore-tex ensures the gloves are breathable for long periods of use.

No matter what style or material you prefer, there are several great products to compare when purchasing ski gloves. These are a few of the top products available when you're ready to buy new ski gear this year.

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