Heading up the mountain on a crisp winter day for a day of skiing is an exciting way to spend the day. The best way to prepare for a day on the slopes is to make sure you have the ski equipment essentials you need. If you’re a beginner, you might think all you need are skis, poles, and maybe a nice warm jacket, but getting ready to ski takes a little more shopping than that.

One of the most important things to remember when buying your ski equipment is that skiing is a sport. Like any other sport, the proper equipment is essential if you want to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Try not to be intimidated by the amount of ski equipment you need. After all, you’re starting a new adventure, and sometimes that means you have to by a lot of stuff!

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Ski Clothing Must-Haves

Heading up the mountain on a crisp winter day for a day of skiing is an exciting way to spend the day. The best way to prepare for a day on the slopes is to make sure you have the ski equipment essentials you need. If you’re a beginner, you might think all you need are skis, poles, and maybe a nice warm jacket, but getting ready to ski takes a little more shopping than that.

One of the most important things to remember when buying your ski equipment is that skiing is a sport. Like any other sport, the proper equipment is essential if you want to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Try not to be intimidated by the amount of ski equipment you need. After all, you’re starting a new adventure, and sometimes that means you have to by a lot of stuff!

Fabrics for the different layers

You might be inclined to think the best choice for ski clothing layers to be cotton. Cotton is the worst thing you can wear while skiing. Cotton stays moist once it gets wet. Being wet is the last thing you want swooshing down a snowy mountain in cold weather.

The best fabrics to choose from for your upper body base layer (that is the layer right up against your skin) is polyester and polypropylene, wool, or bamboo. Known as wicking fabrics, these materials are designed to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you dry. Check out Tesla and WoolX for some great base layer choices.

The next layer of clothing you’ll need to equip yourself with is the middle layer for your upper body. Still staying away from cotton, the best choice for your middle layer is wool or fleece. Instead of getting one bulky piece that may hinder your movement, choose several thin layers of fleece or wool sweaters to keep you warm, like those made by Knittons. They’ll move much easier with your body as you’re twisting and turning down the mountain.

Your legs are a little easier to prepare than your upper body because you don’t need a whole lot of layers to keep them happy. You may just need one layer, but you could opt for two.

Basic Ski Equipment

When gathering equipment for your first ski trip, an excellent place to start is by visiting a ski shop who specialize in helping you find the best ski essentials. The shop should employ knowledgeable staff, who are ready to give you all the help you need. They’re there not only to help you pick the items you need but to make sure they’re all the right fit for you.



The first thing you might think of when getting yourself ready to ski, are the actual skis themselves. When you walk into a ski shop, the best thing to do is talk to the ski expert who works there. Most ski stores will have a chart to help you pick the proper skis for your height, weight, and expert level. Beginners are better off choosing shorter skis because they’re easier to maneuver than long skis.

Keep your eye out for the brands K2 and Rossignol. They have been the frontrunners of quality skis for decades. The terrain you’ll be skiing on is also a consideration, but beginners can’t go wrong with an all-mountain ski. These skis will cover most of the mountain types and difficulties beginners will encounter.

Bestseller No. 1
Extra Mile Ski Goggles, Snow Sports Goggles Snowboard Snowmobile Skate Motorcycle Riding, UV400 OTG Over Compatible Glasses, for Men Women Youth Unisex
  • LENS TECHNOLOGY:High-definition anti-glare lens, reducing light refraction.Removing light astigmatism, clear vision. International standard environmental TPU, Can be arbitrarily twisted, not easily deformed or broken.
  • HIGH QUALITY:All-day comfort of triple-layer face foam with moisture-wicking fleece lining.Permanent anti-fog double-layer and Dual-vented lens.100% protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.Also possible to aegis your eyes from strong winds, cold air, snow.
  • ANTI-FOG SYSTEM: Double-layer lens,Including air insulation layer, ventilating device, permanent anti-fog double-layer lens, independent design, forming a layer of air insulation layer to ensure the air inside the lens is warm and anti-fog effect.
  • OTG HIGHLY COMPATIBLE: Ski goggles that are compatible with any pair of glasses. The elastic strap for any helmet compatibility.Adjustable length to ensure comfortable wearing, suitable for a variety of people, compatible with myopia glasses and helmets.
  • Buy 100% risk-free: Eyewear comes with a bag for cleaning and storage. Hand wash and air-dry the bag regularly.If you are not satisfied with our products, contact us by email and we are ready to serve you at any time.
Bestseller No. 2
Clothin Men's Fleece-Lined Soft Shell Winter Pants - Ski Snow Insulated, Water and Wind-Resistant(Black,L-30L)
  • Softshell Exterior with Durable Water Repellent Finish - repels rain and snow, cuts the wind. Four - Way - Stretchy - Fabric.
  • Micro-Fleece Lining - offers warmth, next-to-skin comfort and superior moisture-wicking performance.
  • 3 Zippered Pockets - 2 zippered hand pockets and a back zippered pockets keep your necessities safe and dry.
  • Ankle Side Zips with Snap Tabs at Cuff - accommodate boots and make it easier to slip the pants on and off.
  • Ripstop Material at Knee Area - Protect You When Climbing. Micro-Elastic Fabric - Allow You to Move Freely


ski binding

On your skis, you’ll need bindings. Bindings work just like they sound they should: they bind your boots to your skis. Ski shops can help you fit bindings to the skis you’ve picked out based on your height and weight. Look Pivot and Salomon are solid binding choices but check with the specialist. You want them to fit well to your skis, be lightweight, and have a low tension release. A low tension release will allow your boots to break away from your skis if you fall. If you’re a beginner, plan on falling. The last thing you want is to twist while falling and have your skis still connected to your boots. It can cause serious injury.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings 2019 - Black 110mm
  • DIN Range 3 to 11
  • Intended Use All Mountain
Bestseller No. 2
Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings 2019 - Black 120mm
  • Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings 2019 Black 120mm
Bestseller No. 3
Tyrolia Attack2 13 GW Performance Ski Bindings, Solid Black, 110mm
  • Integrated stiff pads guarantee precise release function of boot and binding
  • AFD Metal GW – The super secure 77mm metal Anti Friction Device can be adjusted to Alpine Boots and GripWalk Boots
  • Increased walking comfort and improved natural roll thanks to curved rubber sole
  • The binding automatically adjusts to GripWalk or Adult Alpine ski boots
  • Key Features: Stand Height – 17 mm, DIN – 4-13, Weight Range from 42 kg


ski boots

Speaking of boots, they are the next piece of ski equipment you will need. How else will you attach the skis to your feet? As a beginner, you want to choose boots that are flexible. When choosing boots, be sure to try them on while wearing ski socks to get a more accurate fit. You may be tempted to get the best looking boot, but go for quality first. Technica, Atomic, and Nordica made the highest rated ski boot for both men and women for 2018. Get a professional boot fit, if possible, because you want properly fitting ski boots at every level.

Bestseller No. 1
Salomon S/Pro HV 80 IC Ski Boots Mens Sz 9/9.5 (27/27.5) Black/Race Blue/White
  • Inclusive instant fit - The Dual Sensifit insert provides easy step-in, while the 102mm anatomic last and My Instant Fit liner provide more comfort and a better fit to accommodate wider feet.
  • Lightweight - At only 1,85 kg, this boot’s light construction lets you have more fun with less effort.
  • Comfort - Salomon’s exclusive My Instant Fit Comfort liner makes this boot an extremely comfortable choice for all-day ski adventures.
  • Dual Sensifit Insert - The soft PU Sensifit inserts on both sides of the shell make it even easier to step in the boot, delivering an extremely easy step-in and anatomical wrapping of the instep.
  • Sense 35mm Strap - Two positions for adapted fit and sensations options. The unhooked position allows you to reach the right level of progressiveness and rebound while, the hooked position ensures maximum stiffness and performance.
Bestseller No. 2
Rossignol Track 80 Ski Boots Mens Sz 10.5 (28.5) Black/Red
  • Relaxed Fit - 104mm last features wider forefoot, toe box, and ankle areas while retaining a strong heel pocket for the generous all-day comfort and support
  • Reduced Weight, Full Power - Engineered Sensor Matrix shell design reduces boot weight and delivers direct-to-ski power transfer
  • Easy On - Softer plastic around the instep allows for easier opening of the boot overlap for smooth entry and exit
  • Hike Mode - The Hike Mode lever offers ski/hike versatility by freeing the boot cuff for an increased range of motion for walking and hiking
  • Custom Comfort - Custom liners offer internal customization for enhanced comfort and support
Bestseller No. 3
Rossignol Speed 80 Mens Ski Boots Black Sz 10.5 (28.5)
  • Relaxed Fit - Relaxed Fit features a 104mm last with wider forefoot, toe box and ankle areas for generous all-day comfort and support
  • Reduced Weight, Full Power - Engineered Sensor Matrix shell design reduces boot weight and delivers direct-to-ski power transfer
  • Easy Entry - Softer plastic around the instep allows for easier opening of the boot overlap for smooth entry and exit
  • Custom Comfort - Custom liners offer internal customization for enhanced comfort and support
  • GRIPWALK Compatible (sold separately) - GRIPWALK soles feature a rubber tread and rockered toe for a more natural walking motion and increased traction



While not exactly for your feet, you’ll need ski poles to help you navigate down the mountain. When choosing ski poles, you want to pick a pair that is strong, light, and flexible. To measure the proper length of the best ski pole for you, stand in your ski boots and hold the ski pole upside down. A basket is a round part at the bottom of the ski pole. Grab the ski pole under the basket and look at your arm. If the ski pole is the perfect length, your elbow bend will be at a 90-degree angle. If not, choose a shorter or longer pole until you see that 90-degree bend.

Lots of people choose their ski poles based on the brand of their skis, and with K2 or Rossignol, you can’t go wrong.

Bestseller No. 1
Atomic AMT Ski Poles Sz 125cm (50in) Black
  • 3 Aluminum Pole Technology
  • Ergonomic AMT Grip (1K)
  • Essential Strap
  • Piste Basket (60mm)
  • Steel Tip
Bestseller No. 2
Ski Poles Carbon Composite Graphite - Zipline Blurr 16.0 U.S.- U.S. Ski Team Official Supplier (Downhill/Mens/Womens/Kids/Junior/Freestyle/Racing) (Red Chrome, 48" in./122 cm)
  • GRAPHITE CARBON COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY - High modulus carbon fiber graphite replaces the outdated aluminum of most ski poles, resulting in a pole that reduces vibration with every pole pant and is extremely lightweight and durable
  • STIFF 16.0mm TAPERED SKI POLE - Pole shaft tapers from 16.0mm at the handle to 14.0mm at the tip for a stiffer pole with a lighter swing-weight that is used by World Cup and Olympic Gold Medal athletes like David Wise. New for 2020-21 Season: Blurr XT longer Grip Option and Limited Edition Blurr Honeycomb with reinforced Kevlar lower section for increased strength
  • LARGE, POWDER BASKET: Popular with free skiers and powder skiers because Blurr poles feature a 9mm larger powder basket to tackle the fresh powder all skiers dream about
  • “ZIP TOUCH” DUAL DENSITY GRIP - Our signature “trigger finger” ZipGrip is built with thermoplastic (TPU) and contours to your hand, preventing your gloves from slipping. Velcro Straps are easily adjustable on the fly
  • Choice of Olympic Gold Medalist, David Wise
Bestseller No. 3
Ski Poles Graphite Carbon Composite - Zipline Lollipop U.S. Ski Team Official Supplier (Gray Carbon, 44" in./112 cm)
  • U.S. SKI TEAM OFFICIAL SUPPLIER - Used by the best: Designed for skiers of all abilities, Zipline is the choice of 2018 Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise, and other Olympic and World Cup athletes. The 14.0mm Lollipop poles are more forgiving in flex than the Zipline Podium or Blurr models and were created for the park, pipe, or freeskier. They are super light, have a great feel, and come in a variety of vibrant colors to match your skis.
  • GRAPHITE CARBON COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY - Makes them super light & durable: Lightweight graphite-carbon technology replaces the outdated aluminum of most ski poles, resulting in a pole that reduces vibration with every pole plant, is lightweight, and durable to provide effortless swing weight.
  • “ZIP TOUCH” DUAL DENSITY GRIP - Improved non-slip grip for a better feel: Our signature “trigger finger” ZipGrip is built with thermoplastic (TPU) and contours to your hand, preventing your gloves from slipping.
  • ZIP STRAPS - Streamlined straps: Easily adjustable on the fly and for the perfect fit with no plastic buckles flying around!
  • CARBIDE ZIP TIP - Tough and sharp: With teeth, allows for precise pole plants and secured grip - in any condition!

Ski jacket

ski jaket

You will get a waterproof, but a breathable jacket. Gore-Tex is the best fabric for your ski jacket and is the best choice to add to your collection of ski essentials. Some nice features for your jacket could include:

  • Zippers in the back or under your arms to vent in case you get hot
  • A collar that can stand up, to give you an extra layer around your neck, and maybe your chin
  • Inner cuffs on the sleeves to hook over your thumbs, and prevent snow from traveling up your sleeves

The North Face is a quality ski jacket, whose company has been around a long time. They offer a wide variety of coats for everyone, in a range of prices and styles.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket Fleece Windproof Ski Jacket US L Black L
  • ✅ STAY DRY & COMFORTABLE - The outer shell of this men’s hooded winter jacket has a waterproof index of 10,000mm. Now, you don't have to worry about fog and rain ruining your outdoor adventure!
  • ✅ KEEP WARM & COZY - The premium cotton padding on this men's winter jacket provides excellent insulation. This effectively keeps you warm while enjoying the outdoors amidst low temperatures.
  • ✅ BRING YOUR VALUABLES WITH YOU - With several exterior pockets and 1 interior pocket, this puffer jacket lets you conveniently bring your keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials wherever you go.
  • ✅ PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RAGING WINDS - Don't let sharp and icy air currents stop you! Enjoy uncompromising defense against gusts and gales that this premium men's soft shell jacket can provide!
  • ✅ WEAR IT TO ANY WINTER ADVENTURE - An exceptional outerwear for cold-weather activities, this backpacking jacket is perfect for downhill or cross-country skiing, hiking, and other winter outdoor sports.
SaleBestseller No. 2
MOERDENG Women's Waterproof Ski Jacket Warm Winter Snow Coat Mountain Windbreaker Hooded Raincoat Jacket
  • Waterproof Windproof Snow Ski Jacket, also can fights bad rainy or misty weather, Keep your body always dry and comfortable when you are outside.
  • Adjustable cuffs,stretchable glove hole help seal in warmth,Inside windproof snap powder skirt, adjustable storm hood help to keep wind out,Wear resisting soft shell is highly wind resistant.
  • Professional water repellent coated, fluff lining and durable fabric guarantees the best heat retention, Relaxed-fit style with quick-dry material.
  • Multipurpose:Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowsports and other winter outdoor sports.
  • Size notes: Jacket offers a standard fit. Please choose by US size.
Bestseller No. 3
Diamond Candy Womens Winter Ski Jacket, 3-in-1 Warm Waterproof Coat with Windproof Fleece Liner
  • 3-in-1 DESIGN: Diamond Candy ski jacket set combines with waterproof coat and inner fleece jacket. Soft and warm inner fleece jacket makes great heat retention, keeping you warm and comfortable in cold weather. Outer shell and inner jacket can be worn respectively or together.
  • KEEP YOUR BODY AND HEAD DRY: Our outer rain jackets are made from professional water repellent coated and durable material, It’s waterproof level reach 10000mm/H2O. With the larger adjustable hood it will keep you always dry and comfortable when you are outside, also can fights bad rainy or misty weather.
  • NEVER FEEL COLD: If you are looking for beautiful and warm winter jacket to wear for outdoor activities, then we got you covered. Diamond Candy winter jacket with stylish design adopts warm fleeced material, effectively obstructing the air intrusion. The dark green and pink jacket great fit all women of all ages. Even if in snowy day you will look beautiful without any frigid feeling.
  • MORE DETAILS OF OUTDOOR JACKET: 1) 2 zippered waterproof outer hand pockets, easy to carry phone. 2) Adjustable cuffs help seal in warmth. 3) Removable and hide-able hood. 4) Wear resisting soft shell is highly wind resistant and heavy-duty.5) Thick chin guard and high collar protect your delicate chin and guarantee the best heat retention. 6) Inner fleece jacket has 3 pockets, providing you a enough space to carry items
  • TAKE THE WATERPROOF JACKET AND GO OUTDOOR: Thanks to its lightweight and easy to fold hat, this waterproof jacket is a must for all those who love winter holidays, walking, running, hiking, skiing or snowboarding or simply wear at home or work. Just zip up seamless zipper, adjust the windproof hook, It will be a good partner for you during the long winter.

Ski pants

ski pants

When thinking of your legs, it’s less necessary to layer. Wearing a pair of long johns under a quality waterproof, but breathable ski pant will do the trick. Again, Gore-tex is the best material for ski outerwear, but the biggest thing you want to look for is waterproof and breathable fabric. You want to make sure your pants aren’t too tight so that you can breathe, and your under layer has room to wick moisture away from your legs. On the other hand, you don’t want them baggy because you don’t want your legs to get caught up in your ski equipment.

Check out Trailside and Arctix to find pants that are form-fitting, but with room to move with you across the snow.

Bestseller No. 1
Helly-Hansen Mens Alpha Lifaloft Insulated Waterproof Ski Pant, 300 Patrol Orange, Small
  • A men's ski pant featuring the lightweight warmth of LIFALOFT insulation in our best-selling silhouette.
  • HELLY TECH PROFESSIONAL: Extremely waterproof and breathable designs and constructions. For highly aerobic, extremely wet or unusually long-lasting activities in extremely harsh conditions. Fully seam sealed. Durable Water Repellency treatment (DWR).
  • FEATURES: 2-layer fabric construction, 4-way stretch fabric, LIFALOFT insulation by PrimaLoft, SKI FREE, Outer thigh ventilation zippers, Fully insulated, RECCO Advanced Rescue system, Boot gaiters with stretch silicone gripper, Bemis OT Reinforcement at bottom hem and edge protection, Adjustable waist, Dual hand warming pockets, YKK zippers
  • GOOD FOR: Winter, Resort Skiing, Freeride, Backcountry Ski Touring, Mountaineering
  • FIT: Regular - Neither slim nor oversized. Regular-fitting garments may be worn over thicker midlayers. Pants will have a standard inseam with a cut that's straight through the leg.
Bestseller No. 2
Arctix Women's Insulated Snow Pants, Black, Small/Regular
  • Adjustable black 22 millimeter resin strap fits up to 8-inch wrist circumference
  • 100-hour chronograph; 24-hour countdown timer; 3 vibrating & audible daily alarms
  • 24-hour military time mode; 3 time zones; Occasion reminders; Hydration timer; Calendar
  • Black 43 millimeter resin case with acrylic lens; Gray digital display; Indiglo light-up watch dial
  • Water-resistant to 100 meter (330 feet): In general, suitable for snorkeling, as well as swimming, but not diving
SaleBestseller No. 3
Spyder Active Sports Men's Mesa Insulated Ski Pants, Collegiate, Large
  • Stretch Recycled Repreve Polyester Plain Weave with 10k/10k Laminate and DWR
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation (40g)
  • External adjustable waist construction and belt loops
  • Critically seam taped


ski helmet

Moving up to your head, you need goggles and a helmet. Not everyone will choose to wear a helmet, but it’s a good idea. When you’re skiing down the side of a mountain, there’s always a possibility you will fall, no matter your experience level. The less experience you have, the higher the chances are you’ll be spending some time falling on the ground. Some of those falls are going to be hard because you’re going fast, and you can’t predict how the fall will go. Make the smart choice and go with a helmet.

You don’t want to skimp on quality here, so look for brands like, Smith who have consistently high ratings.

You want to shop for your goggles and your helmet at the same time because the goggles you choose need to fit with the helmet you choose. Let’s start with the helmet. You want to pick a helmet that fits comfortably on your head but doesn’t move around. Ask the ski professional in the store for advice on the best fit.

Bestseller No. 1
Giro Surface S Snowboard Ski Helmet (Mate Tank, Large)
  • Hard Shell Construction
  • 6 Super Cool Vents with Mesh Covers
  • In Form Fit System
  • Half Shell Design
  • Compatible with all after market TuneUps systems
Bestseller No. 2
PHZ. Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet for Men Women Performance Safety w/Active Ventilation, Dial Fit, Goggles Compatible, Removable Fleece Liner and Ear Pads Snow Sport Helmets
  • SAFETY CERTIFIED - PHZ. Ski helmet built for both comfort and safety. Made using advanced manufacturing techniques the reinforced outer PC shell is fused to the inner EPS foam creating an in-mold construction that allows the foam to absorb the shock from an impact.
  • GREAT FOR ALL SNOW SPORTS: Our ski helmet is lightweight and packed with features. Our helmet accommodates different ski goggles & head shapes for a custom fit free of gaper gap for men, women.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE - Size adjustment dial for a perfect fit. EASY TO WASH removable ear pads & inner fleece liner. Our ultra-plush interior liner provides maximum comfort and insulation.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS VENTILATION - Equipped with 16 individual vents for next-level ventilation for HOURS OF COMFORTABLE SKIING. Slide open to cool off and slide closed to keep in the heat.
  • WHAT YOU GET - 1 x PHZ.Ski Helmet, PHZ's friendly customer service. You will have great fun when skiing, skating, snowboarding, or doing other snow sports!
Bestseller No. 3
NESSKIN Ski Helmet Integrally-Molded Snowboard Helmet for 17 Age and Above, Detachable Ski Goggles
  • 【Safety Certification】The NESSKIN ski helmet has passed the EN1077:2007 ski helmet safety certification. Only by choosing a helmet that meets the standard can you better protect yourself.
  • 【Impact Resistance Material】Superior impact resistance PC material-wear resistant and scratch resistant. Eps impact-resistant composite ultra-light material to alleviate the impact absorption, high density and lightweight.
  • 【Ski Helmet & Ski Goggles】The NESSKIN ski helmet with detachable ski goggles can give you a better experience when doing outdoor snow sports.
  • 【Adjustable Head Circumference】With adjustment system, you can choose the right size according to your head, suitable for all kinds of people. M 54-58 cm (21.26-22.83 in) is suitable for youth/adults, L59-62cm(23.23-24.41in) is suitable for adults.
  • 【Ventilated & Warm Design】14 vents in total. Helmet has 8 vents are adjustable to open/close on the top by one-push button, disperse excess heat in various conditions. Inner with detachable and breathable thickened plush inner padding, removable ear pads, and soft suede chin strap, give you a warm and comfortable skiing experience.


ski goggles

After you’ve picked your helmet, choose your goggles. The best way to choose a compatible pair of goggles is to see if your helmet brand also makes goggles. You’ll get the best fit by matching brands. The goggles you choose need to fit with your helmet. That means it’s essential to buy these two ski essentials at the same time. Goggles are made to protect your eyes from the sun, wind, and snow, so choose a pair with both UVA and UVB protection. Try them on with your helmet to make sure they’re comfortable on your face, and a good fit so they won’t slide off when you’re moving your body around.

If you want to look at some brands which don’t necessarily match your helmet, but are good quality, try DragonScott, or Bolle.

Bestseller No. 1
PHZ. Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles UV 400 Protection Anti Fog Snow Goggles for Men Women Youth
  • Excellent optical clarity Ski Goggles - Innovative curved dual lens with a wider view compared with spherical lenses. To offer you a new unparalleled experience for outdoor sport.
  • Helmet Compatible & OTG - Adjustable elastic strap for better helmet compatibility and keep the snow goggles in place.Over the glass designed ski & snowboard goggles to fit over glasses. Design to fit both youth and adult.
  • Full Protection for Eyes - Premium Anti-Fog gives you a fog-free ski experience. Anti-Scratch coating and 100% UV400 Protection treatment on double layer lens protecting your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays.
  • Comfortable & Ventilation - PHZ. ski goggle with superior sponge covers your face providing top anti-wind features. Smooth air-flow system which brings fresh air and exhaust moisture quickly and effectively. For maximum comfort on your face.
  • What you get - 1 x PHZ. Otg Ski Goggles, 1 x Carrying pouch, customer-favorite 1 year and friendly customer service.
SaleBestseller No. 2
MONKEY FOREST Ski Goggles Women, 100% UV Protection Snowboard Goggles for Youth
  • 【 SUPER SOFT AND COMFORTABLE 】 - Snow goggles with three layers of breathable skin friendly foam and high-quality Soft TPU frame can make you feel comfortable and allow you to enjoy skiing.
  • 【 HIGH PERFORMANCE UV PROTECTION AND ANTI-FOG 】 - Ski & Snowboard Goggles with 100% UV400 protection coating and unique anti-fogging treatment.
  • 【 OTG DESIGN AND WIDE VISION 】 - Over the Glasses are designed to fit over most prescription glasses. Improve the visibility of specific groups. Maximum peripheral vision (over 180 degrees), not to miss skiers next to you. It’s good choice for both men and women.
  • 【 UNIVERSAL HELMET COMPATIBILITY 】 - The extra long elastic strap ensures compatibility with all kids helmets and keep the snow goggles in place. Improved safety during your skiing.
  • 【 PROFESSIONAL VENTILATION 】 - Designed to reduce fog and optimize the flow of air inside the lens. Ski goggles provide a smooth airflow system, bringing in fresh air and draining water quickly and efficiently.
Bestseller No. 3
EverSport Ski Goggles Pro, Magnetic Snowboard Snow Goggles for Women Men, UV Protection
  • QUICK CHANGE MAGNETIC LENS IN SECONDS: EverSport ski goggles are designed with 10 pairs strong magnets to allow a quick lens swap for customized and optimal performance in almost any light condition. 10 pairs magnets can hold the goggles lens tightly. Now it is easier in changing different lens.
  • ANTI-FOG/ANTI-SCRATCH/WIDE VIEW: Our dual layer lens technology ski goggles are coated with premium anti-fog, anti-scratch coating on the inner and outer lens for a fog free, scratch free time on the slopes. The WIDE VIEW panoramic spherical dual lens design allow you to see the terrain in any light condition without distortion while also protecting your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays.
  • TPU FRAME/DURABLE PERFORMANCE: EverSport ski goggle frame is made from super flexible durable TPU frame with a triple-layer high density soft face foam to ensure you always have a comfortable fitting goggle. The lens is made from shatterproof ultra strong poly-carbonate material. These goggles can hold up under the most extreme outdoor conditions.
  • OTG-DESIGN /HELMET COMPATIBLE/FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Suitable for both adults and youth, our ski goggles were designed to fit over glasses so you'd never be without sight while on the mountain. The maximum glass frame size: 5.3" in length, 2.45" in height. Designed to fit any adult and youth helmet. The fully adjustable elastic strap aims to ensure proper fit and comfort.
  • COMFORTABLE & VENTILATION: Our innovative snowboard goggle blends comfort with an unparalleled field of vision. The ventilation makes exhaust moisture quickly, avoiding fogging. If you came across any problem while using our ski goggles, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will provide you with excellent after-sale service. No risk at all. Now you can wear your ski mask, ski helmet, put our EverSport OTG ski goggles on your face, go enjoying skiing!

Mittens or gloves?

ski mitten

Mittens keep your hands a bit warmer, but they don’t give you as much finger control. Gloves give you control over your digits, but they’re not as warm. Carhartt and N’Ice Caps offer ski mittens that customers love, and you can buy them right on Amazon. Be sure to read the reviews from real customers to pick the perfect pair for you.

If your hands tend to get cold, but you prefer gloves, you can always add a thin glove layer underneath to keep your hands from getting too cold. As a beginner, you might spend some time on the ground. However, you do not want your hands to stay wet after you’ve fallen. So, choose a quality glove. Carhartt also has a line of great quality gloves, in addition to their mittens.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Ski Gloves, Waterproof Snow Gloves -30℉ Winter Gloves for Cold Weather Touchscreen Snowboard Gloves Warm for Men Women (White, X-Large)
  • ❄【2020 UPGRADED ALL TOUCHSCREEN FINGER DESIGN】 ALL the finger of ski gloves are designed with high quality material, you do not need to take off the touchscreen gloves when skiing or doing some other winter sports. Perfect for outdoor work, Motorcycle, cycling, cycling, Ski, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Outdoor sports etc.
  • ❄【WATERPROOF】The TPU waterproof insert bags 100% block the water come into the gloves. The outer shell fabric is coating with waterproof material . The adjustable wrist strap design and drawstring buckle are more convenient than other ski gloves which can prevent wind and snow into your gloves. The dual waterproof material will keep your hands warm and dry when exercise and play snow,but do not Immersed in water.
  • ❄【EXTREME WARM WINTER GLOVES: Winter ski gloves are filled with 240g Acrylic fiber cotton and thicken smooth fleece inside can resist temperature from -30°F TO -4°F. keep your hand warm effectively and fell comfortable.
  • ❄【Zipper Pocket & Anti-lost Button】The zipper pocket is easy to carry keys, cards, cashes, or other little things. Anti-lost button on side makes the pair of gloves easy to find.
  • ❄【Non-Slip & Durable】Full Pu palm gloves design, instead of inferior PVC material or semi-Pu material. Full PU palms for maximum grip and more extremely durable,flexible - easy to grasp and movement.Don't worry about the cracking problem of gloves.
Bestseller No. 2
Ski & Snow Gloves - Waterproof & Windproof Winter Snowboard Gloves for Men & Women for Cold Weather Skiing & Snowboarding - With Wrist Leashes, Nylon Shell, Thermal Insulation & Synthetic Leather Palm
  • Winter-proof: Your hands have never met warmth and comfort like this. With thermal insulation fit for even the most extreme sub-zero temperatures, a waterproof and wind-resistant nylon shell that will keep you warm and dry when you go out into the elements, and a TPU breathable membrane that allows sweat and moisture to escape as you turn up the heat doing your favorite activities, we’ve got you covered, warm, and dry.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with a synthetic leather palm, a tough, reinforced all-nylon outer layer, and dual seams for extra strength and durability, our winter gloves will be there with you for as long as you can still shovel your own driveway or throw a snowball.
  • Get a Grip: Our snow gloves help you get a grip on winter. The double faced synthetic leather palm protects your hands against abrasions and increases your grip on your ski poles, shovel, or your snowmobile.
  • Activity-ready: Whether you’re heading to the mountains for a ski, snowboard, or snowmobile trip or you just need some extra warmth while you work outdoors or shovel snow, We’ve got you covered. Our winter gloves feature an adjustable buckle at the wrist and drawstring closure for extra protection to keep the snow out. While you have fun, we’re no-nonsense.
  • Safekeeping: Worried about your ski gloves falling off the lift when you take them off to text your friends? Worry no more. These gloves come with hidden elastic straps that keep them attached to your wrists at all times.
Bestseller No. 3
RIVMOUNT Winter Gloves Men Women,Waterproof Touch Screen Gloves Warm Ski Gloves Windproof Thermal Gloves 605
  • 【High-quality Material 】The skiing gloves for winter are made of dacron and spandex fabrics,which is durable and have extreme resistance to abrasion from various kind of sports.Also,the winter gloves is added soft fleece inside, extra thickness keep warm and more comfortable.
  • 【Sensitive Touch Screen】Adopt with upgraded conductive fabric on the index fingers, enables you to sensitively touch the screen of mobile phone or tablet without taking your gloves off. It can protect your hands from frostbite.
  • 【Waterproof & Windproof 】Light and high density fabrics have good waterproof and windproof effect. The elastic knitting cuff enable a better fit and effectively prevent against the cold air outside.. The RIVMOUNT ski gloves can keep hands warm and dry when you are cycling, running or daily wear, even in snow or light rain.
  • 【Multi Occasions】Warm winter gloves are designed for all kinds of outdoor sports. Perfect for running, cycling, riding, hiking, driving, skiing, running, climbing, snowboarding, shoveling,camping and walking dogs in winter.
  • 【Comfortable Lining and Great Gifts】The lining is very soft and comfortable for skin touch. It will be a great gift for your familes, friends and workmates to play together in winter sports!


Another exposed area of your body that you need to cover is your neck. This area is easy enough to cover with a woolen scarf. Qinglonglin scarves wrap around your neck. You can also pull them up over your nose and mouth, giving you nice warmth out there in the snow.

Most ski jackets will have the ability to zip all the way to your chin, so you’ll have your scarf around your neck, and the waterproof layer of your zipped up jacket to keep you dry.

Heading to the Slopes

This list of essential ski equipment might seem intimidating to beginners, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. There are a lot of little and big essentials you need to get going on your ski adventure, but relax! Shopping for and choosing the right equipment can be a fun adventure all in itself.

With a wide variety of styles, colors, and brands, you can create a whole ski look all your own. Surrounding yourself with quality ski equipment of your choice is likely to boost your confidence out on the slopes. So, get to your favorite ski shop, talk to an expert, and equip yourself. Your essential ski equipment will make your ski trip the best! And don’t forget the sunscreen!

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