Skiing boots come in multiple varieties, sizes, and flex ratings. Many reputable manufacturers in the industry produce ski boots worthy of tackling some of the most challenging slopes. The best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 will help you through the highest peaks, and lowest dips on the slopes. Skiers often overlook the importance of choosing the right ski boots. Selecting the incorrect size is one of the worst mistakes you can make. The last thing you want is to feel your toes freezing over, or your feet become numb because your boots are too tight. So, take a step back before spending $100 for your lift tickets, and spend a little more time comparing ski boots.

Tecnica Cochise

About Tecnica Ski Boots

The company began selling ski boots in the 1960s. Tecnica initially made working boots. The company came into existence in the 1930s. The small, family-owned business continually works to improve the design of their product line. Implementing the latest technologies, allows them to improve comfort, to create the best ski boots for skiers, of varying levels. Today the company operates in over 70 countries and is sold in over 3000 outlets worldwide.

Choosing the Right Ski Boots

Skiers have to select ski boots for the type of skiing activities they do most often. The best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 will vary from one skier to the next. Selecting ski boots is a process a skier should take plenty of time to complete.

Skiing Style

Depending on whether skiers engage in alpine touring, all mountain, or freeride skiing, the boots they invest in will differ slightly. Alpine touring boots are often lighter and feature Pin-Style tec bindings. Boots offer a wide range of motion and liners which conform to the skier's feet. On the other hand, all mountain boots are for skiers of every level. They are the traditional boots often seen at ski resorts. They usually feature a walk-ski design, allowing skiers to wear them indoors.

Then there are freeriding boots. These boots are similar to professional racing boots. They feature shock absorbing capabilities and feature either rubber or WTR soles.

Boot Flex

The ski boot's flex will depend on the skier's riding level. The best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 are available in soft, medium, and hard flex styles. Generally, soft flex ski boots fall at a level of 75 or below. The boots are comfortable, and allow skiers to learn to maneuver on the slopes seamlessly. A medium flex boot falls within a range of 80 to 100. The numbering can vary slightly by manufacturer. The boots are for skiers who are learning to turn, move around tight corners. They are great for those moving onto more challenging slopes.

A hard flex boot has a flex rating of 100 or higher. The boots usually feature shock absorption features in the sole. This feature is to help skiers minimize impact when jumping or performing tricks at higher altitudes.

Ski boot width

Ski boots range between 97 to 104 mm. Depending on the skier's foot profile, the ski boot they choose will vary in width ratings. It is best to go in for a professional fitting, especially for the first pair of ski boots skiers purchase.

Additional Features

Some skiers look for ski boots which have other features. These features enhance skiing capabilities and create a more comfortable platform for skiers to improve performance.


Four buckle boots are still the traditional design for many ski boot manufacturers. However, some boots feature two or three buckles. Depending on the skier's preference, there are several options to choose from when selecting a pair of ski boots.


Many skiers choose to invest in a separate set of liners, apart from those which come with the ski boot. Doing this allows them to select lining which mold to the feet. Some liners heat up as skiers wear them, others feature a pronated arch to improve grounding. Depending on the skier's preference, there are several aftermarket liners to choose from, made by several reputable manufacturers.

Walk-ski mode

As the name implies, this feature allows skiers to wear the boots while skiing and walking. The best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 provide this feature. A switch on the boot usually will enable skiers to adjust settings.

Mondo Point Sizing

The right size for ski boots might be the most critical factor in choosing the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018. Mondo Point sizing is a universal system designated for sizing ski boots. It ensures uniformity in sizes, for all manufacturers. Therefore, boots from the US, the EU, and the UK, all have the same size. This sizing framework also eliminates the guesswork of choosing the right size from one manufacturer to the next.

The Best Tecnica Ski Boots of 2018

As a leader in the ski boot industry, Tecnica manufactures several different ski boots, for skiers of every level. When choosing your next pair of ski boots, these are a few of the best models currently available.

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These ski boots are perfect for more advanced skiers, with a flex rating of 100. The bright blue color with contrasting yellow base and strap makes for a distinct look and style. The boots feature a C.A.S UltraFit Liner. This liner is made to match the shape of the boot's interior, to conform to the wearer's feet.

The new S.A.S Cuff mobility system allows skiers to keep the boots on while walking indoors. This ski/walk feature is perfect for those who don't want to remove their boots throughout the day. Customers claim the boot is lightweight and great for downhill and cross-country skiing. One drawback is the flex level. The harder flex base limits the boot to experienced skiers.

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Skiers looking for the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 will like the design of this medium flex boot. The flex rating of 70 is excellent for a novice to more-advanced skiers who are transitioning in their experience level.

The boots feature an Ultrafit high volume liner. Four buckles allow skiers to adjust the ski boot around their ankles, calves, and above the feet. This design ensures the best fit and keeps the skis in place when moving at faster speeds downhill. Negative reviews on Amazon state the boots aren't true to size. The boot is for broader feet. However, some ratings note the boots aren't as comfortable as expected.

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These ski boots feature the i-Rebound spoiler link system. This system is made to provide greater support to the back of the feet and arches for skiers. The ski boot has a 100 flex rating.

Skiers note this is one of the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 given the width selection. The boots are available in E to EEE widths. So, skiers with narrow and broader feet will find a comfortable fitting boot in this series. The high volume exterior shell is sturdy and built to withstand extensive use. The price of this ski boot is probably the most significant drawback. It is one of the most expensive boots in the Tecnica family. For this reason, the high price-tag will dissuade many advanced skiers from purchasing this ski boot.

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These ski boots are highly visible in effect making them easy to spot in dark or snowy ski conditions. The blue and yellow contrast well, resulting in a distinct look, and an excellent quality ski boot. It is for advanced skiers, with a 120 flex rating.

The ski boots are made especially for the most advanced skiers. With the hard flex fit, the boots help reduce impact with the shock absorbent base. The C.A.S UltraLiner is highly customizable. It conforms to the skier's feet, resulting in minimum friction and movement when skiing at the fastest speeds. Skiers who review this boot claim it doesn't conform as well as they would hope. Some reviews note the adjustment buckles are also difficult to move. This flaw makes it difficult to achieve the most comfortable fit while wearing the boots.

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These boots are the 2018 model of the Cochise ski boot family. The 120 flex rating is perfect for the most skilled skiers on the slopes. The polyether nylon shell is durable, and won't crack under pressure.

The ski boots feature a ski-walk feature, allowing skiers to wear them indoors, not only while skiing. The rubber outsole offers reliable traction regardless of the conditions. The ski boots are relatively light increasing speeds and mobility on the slopes. The boot is much higher in price than all other ski boots on the list. And, being a hard flex boot, it is ideal for the most advanced skiers. The pricing might push many skiers to choose a more affordable alternative.

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These downhill ski boots are perfect for skiers looking for a broader base when taking to the slopes. The relaxed fit is ideal for beginner and novice skiers alike. The 102 mm last adjuster, makes it easy to loosen/tighten the ski boots around the calves. It guarantees the proper fit.

The ski boots feature three adjustment straps. These straps provide even balance throughout the foot, allowing skiers to adjust tightness levels where necessary. The quick instep design makes it easy to slide the boots on and off after use. Although the rating for this ski boot claims it is comfortable, the reviewer notes comfort is more important to them than quality. This note indicates the ski boot isn't the highest quality, even though it is comfortable for long periods of time.

Tecnica Mach1-105

These boots are another one of the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 for skiers with more experience on the slopes. A flex rating of 105 means the boots aren't as comfortable as soft flex boots. With four buckles, the skier can quickly adjust the boot to conform to their feet and limit movement around the calves and heel.

The custom adaptive shape (CAS) boot board helps increase comfort levels a bit. It naturally conforms to the skier's feet, cupping the heels to reduce friction. The boots are narrow with a 98 mm opening, so they're perfect for skiers with a smaller foot profile. Skiers complain that the boot board isn't comfortable and the interior lining isn't well-made. Reviewers note that investing in a different liner will increase comfort levels when wearing the ski boots.

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These ski boots feature a power lite design and a 90 flex rating. The boot is an excellent option for the novice skiers to those who have a little more experience. The quick instep design makes them easy to put on and take off after the ski day comes to a close.

The polyether shell has a dimple-texture, making the boot easier to customize for each skier's foot profile. The body wraps around the skier's foot to improve the heel hold. It limits movement in the boots while skiing. The ski boot's entry is a little narrow. For those with thicker calves and legs, it might limit mobility or feel tight when the skier tightens the buckles.

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These boots have generous 106 mm length which is great for even those skiers with a larger foot profile. A responsive polyester shell and UltraFit high volume liner, create the perfect cupping for skiers' feet. Limiting movement in the boot increases responsiveness downhill.

The boots feature an anatomical footbed design. They conform to the wearer's feet, enhancing comfort while skiing. The 120 flex is an excellent option for experienced skiers on all terrains and skiing trails.

A drawback of these ski boots is the adjustment buckles. They are on the side of the boot, rather than the front. This design flaw can significantly hinder movement by causing the fasteners to unhinge/slide when skiing at faster speeds.

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These are one of the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018. They are highly visible from a distance. The bright orange color stands out and will call attention to skiers, regardless of how busy the slopes are. Expert skiers and free riders will also appreciate the hard flex profile, with a 130 flex rating.

The boots have a removable toe and heel piece. The inserts are milled into the shell, to reduce movement/shifting, and allows the boot to conform to the skier's feet. The four buckle boot features a walk-ski mode, allowing skiers to wear them on when on solid surfaces.

The boots are expensive in comparison to several other models. Because of the high flex rating of 130, might be too firm, even for skiers with years of experience. These ski boots costs No products found..

Price Range and Where to Buy

The best Tecnica ski boots are available on the manufacturer's website. Customers can also find several pairs on Amazon, Evo, or BackCountry websites. Pricing varies by ski boot flex, sizes, and color availability on these sites.

Final Thoughts

Tecnica is a reputable name in the skiing industry. Skiers who want the best Tecnica ski boots of 2018 will love the Tecnica Cochise 120 ski boot. It is perfect for skilled skiers. The flex rating of 120 has excellent shock absorption, minimizing the impact on landing. The conforming liner and walk-ski feature allow skiers to wear the boots all day, in and outdoors. The rugged exterior and nice color profile, also add to the appeal of these ski boots.

For the beginner to novice skier, the Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL boot is a great option. The UltraFit HVL liner wraps around the skier's feet, helping stabilize and also increase the balance on the slopes. The i-Rebound system is also a nice feature these boots offer, which others on the list don't. The 70 flex rating and 106 mm width is perfect for skiers with a broader foot profile. The boot naturally conforms to the feet, increasing comfort over time.

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