‚Äč‚ÄčYou’ve tried on one pair of skiing boots, you’ve tried them all, right? Not so fast. Skiing boots come in many shapes and sizes, and this rings true with Atomic ski boots. The manufacturer is a leader in quality, performance, and the best designs. However, skiers can’t merely assume that they can choose any ski boot, and it’ll allow them to magically glide down the toughest slopes with the slightest of ease. That isn’t how it works.

Understanding the proper fit, form, comfort levels, and flex, are just a few of the aspects that go into choosing ski boots. Whether you’ve been skiing for years, or are going on your first ski trip, the right boot will make a world of difference in performance. So, step back and try on a few pairs of ski boots. Also, before you take the plunge, make sure you understand the connection between flex and skier-experience. It’ll pay off when the time comes to choose your new Atomic ski boots.

About the Atomic Ski Boots Brand

Atomic is a leading ski boot manufacturer from Austria. The company has been around since 1955 and has become a worldwide leader in quality, precision, and the most durable material designs. Armer Sports is the parent company which owns Atomic ski boots. The company has become a leader in ski boots and equipment. The company backs its excellent product line on innovation, creative experts, and a passion for the sport. Today, Atomic is one of the worldwide leaders in ski boots and skiing equipment.

Choosing Atomic Ski Boots

For some, it might seem like every ski boot is the same. This fact, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The flex, comfort, exterior material structure, and tightening mechanisms are just a few differences. And, those are only the differences which are visible to the naked eye. Understanding what goes into choosing a pair of Atomic ski boots is imperative for skiers who want to pick the right one. These are a few pertinent factors which go into the decision-making process when choosing a pair of ski boots.

Proper sizing when purchasing atomic ski boots

Of first concern should be the boot’s size. Skiers should not buy a pair of boots which is too loose or too tight. Either extreme will cause discomfort. It will limit mobility, and hinder the skier’s ability to tackle challenges on the ski paths. One mistake skiers make is choosing a boot which is similar in size to their everyday shoes. Skiers usually wear ski boots with thicker socks. Some skiers wear liners below their ski outfit. These are a couple of the factors which go into choosing new ski boots. Therefore, sizing isn’t universal when it comes to picking new ski boots.

When choosing ski boots, Atomic ski boots and other manufacturers utilize the¬†Mondo Point sizing system. The Mondo system is a universal system which ensures all boot sizes in the US, EU, and the UK are the same, regardless of manufacturer. The skier’s foot measurements are in centimeters. It merely measures the length of the skier’s foot from the big toe to the heel.

Flex for varying ski levels

Another significant component of choosing a pair of Atomic ski boots is understanding flex. Flex rating is merely the skier’s ability on the slopes. A beginner will want a soft flex boot. Novice skiers typically choose medium flex, and advanced skiers purchase hard flex boots.

These boots typically have a rating of 80 or below. They are comfortable for new skiers and afford high levels of comfort on new terrains. They help skiers learn their grounding and balance on the slopes. The boots are a little difficult to control. But, a wider-width generally helps new skiers learn how to line their feet easily.

This range has a rating between 80 to 100. Medium ski boots deliver enhanced performance and maneuverability. They make it easy to turn tight corners and mobilize at higher speeds. Skiers who choose these boots have several months of experience below their belt.

These ski boots have a rating of 100 or higher. Hard ski boots often have shock absorption padding built-in. This feature helps to minimize the impact on difficult ski slopes and jumps. They are stiff in critical areas, and highly responsive, for faster skiing speeds.

Proper width for boots

The last size refers to a boot’s width when comparing ski boots. Most boots are available in narrow and wide-last sizing. Skiers should try on different pairs when comparing ski boots. The last for Atomic ski boots differs from that of other brands. Therefore, to find the best fit, and proper width, it is essential to compare several ski boots to find the best fit.

Avoiding Brand-Name Bias

Skiers basing their decision on brand-name alone is a mistake newer skiers tend to make. Because their favorite athlete swears by a particular brand, they believe it is the only one out there. Or, if a family member or friend referred a brand, this is the only one the skier will consider. Brand-bias limits the availability of new ski boots. Not only does it lessen the available options for skiers to choose from, but it can also result in a skier purchasing a lower-quality product.

Top-Rated Atomic Ski Boots

There are many great options available for skiers comparing Atomic ski boots. Before investing in a new pair, it is essential to review the most highly-rated boots. These are some of the best ski boots currently available by the manufacturer.

Atomic Live Fit 80

The Live Fit 80 boots feature a 102 mm wide fit and Live Fit design. At approximately four pounds per boot, they are lightweight and easy to maneuver around. They also feature a bronze liner and shiny black-finish, making them highly visible in snowy conditions.

The PE cuff and PE plastic exterior are incredibly durable materials. This material protects the boots from damage and helps minimize snow and debris from piling up when skiers are going downhill. A 3M Thinsulate liner also helps keep feet cold, regardless of how cold skiing conditions get.

These boots are for beginners. One major complaint is that the soft flex profile isn’t as durable as more advanced ski boots by Atomic ski boots brand. Additionally, reviewers note the boots foot entry is a little narrow. This feature also makes it tough for people with thicker feet or ankles to put on.

Atomic Hawx Ultra Ski Boot

This ski boot features a 98 mm, narrow profile. There are adjusters below the footbed, allowing skiers to determine the perfect comfort levels on the slopes. The medium-flex is ideal for novice to advanced skiers, looking for durability and robust construction in a ski boot.

The boots feature 3M Thinsulate liners. This¬†liner helps keep skiers warm in cold weather conditions. The¬†PU progressive shell¬†design is durable, and about 25 percent lighter than other material designs. A significant drawback of these Atomic ski boots is the price. They are much higher in price than other medium flex boots, so many skiers aren’t willing to pay the premium. Skiers claim there isn’t any unique feature/design which is worth the additional cost for these boots.

Atomic Live Fit 60

The alpine ski boots are perfect for skiers with broader feet. With a 102 mm profile, the shoes can accommodate skiers who need more room to move around when skiing downhill. The Flexible Live Fit expansion also allows the boots to further expand the panels on the side, for even more comfort.

The mega-two buckle closure system makes it easy to put the boots on and take them off. The 60 flex is highly forgivable for beginner skiers. They help improve balance and stability in the soft flex model, for skiers trying to learn the grounding. The skiers are relatively basic. They are best for younger skiers and teens, who are just learning to ski. They might not be the best option for adults. Consumers complain that the price of the ski boot isn’t equivalent to the quality skiers should expect.

Atomic Hawx Ultra 130

This ski boot is perfect for skiers with a narrow foot profile. At 98 mm, the boot doesn’t afford skiers much room for movement or mobility inside the boot. The hard flex of 130 is specifically for advanced skiers. The best skiers are best suited to wear these boots.

The hard flex features excellent shock absorption capabilities. It minimizes impact when skiers land from a hard fall or difficult trick on their feet. The boots feature a two-component ultra-light exterior shell. This design feature allows skiers to move quickly without compromising form or performance. The ski boots are very narrow. Some skiers find it very difficult to move their feet/toes in the toebox, reducing overall control on the slopes. Additionally, the high flex of these boots, makes them geared solely to the most advanced skiers.

Atomic Waymaker 110

This pair of ski boots is made for skiers with a medium to wide forefoot. The wide shaft also makes it easy to put the Atomic boots on and take them off after use. A silver liner features a 3M Thinsulate material-design. This liner keeps skiers warm and helps provide additional padding for their feet.

A free-lock ski/hike mechanism is a nice feature on these boots. Skiers can transition from walking on hard ground to skiing, without changing boots. The 40 mm Velcro strap securely harnesses the ski boots in place. This design prevents the boots from loosening when going downhill.

One complaint about these boots is that it doesn’t feature a flex adjustment design. For the price, many manufacturers design boots which are usable by skiers of varying levels. The boots are also a bit higher in price than other ski boots of similar construction and design.

Atomic Hawx Magna 100

Comfort and performance are at the forefront of design with this Atomic ski boot. They are best for downhill mountain skiing. The boot is available in three widths, making them perfect for any skier, and foot profile. The boots feature Memory-fit technology as well. The heating technology conforms to the skier’s foot, allowing them to personalize the fit in a matter of minutes.

The liner, shell, and inner cuff of these ski boots can also be custom-fit for each skier. By heating them to a specific temperature, it allows the boots to conform to the desired shape. This customization feature allows skiers of all sizes, to feel as comfortable as possible when wearing these skis. The customizable boot is perfect for skiers who can’t seem to find the perfect fit, regardless of manufacturer.

The boot is relatively expensive in comparison to other medium flex ski boots. Although it does allow skiers to customize the fit, the high price tag isn’t worth it for some skiers. Additionally, the boots are only available in one color profile. Therefore, some skiers might not like the design/detail of the boots.

Bestseller No. 1
Atomic HAWX Jr 3 Ski Boots Kids Sz 5/5.5 (23/23.5) Dark Blue/Red
  • Junior Performance Shell
  • Progressive Cuff Design
  • Legendary Hawx Feel
  • Junior Last
  • Size Adjuster Included
Bestseller No. 2
Atomic HAWX Magna 80 Ski Boots Mens Sz 13/13.5 (31/31.5) Black/Anthracite
  • EZ Step-in
  • Legendary Hawx Feel
  • 102mm Wide Last
  • Size Adjuster Included
  • Regular Cuff
Bestseller No. 3
Atomic HAWX Ultra 110 S Ski Boots - 28.5/Dark Blue-Red
  • Best Fits a Narrow Forefoot and Medium Shaft of the Leg
  • Prolite Construction
  • Energy Backbone
  • Power Shift
  • Memory Fit
Bestseller No. 4
Atomic 2020 HAWX Ultra 110 S Ski Boots - 28.5
  • Energy Backbone
  • Dual Density Cantable Grip Pads
  • 40 mm Velcro Strap
  • 6000Series Alu Buckle
  • 1317 Forward Lean
Bestseller No. 5
Atomic HAWX Magna 85 Ski Boots Womens Sz 8/8.5 (25/25.5) White/Mint
  • The Atomic Hawx Magna 85 is a fantastic option for advanced to expert level ladies with a wide foref
Bestseller No. 6
Atomic HAWX Prime 100 Ski Boots Mens Sz 8/8.5 (26/26.5) Black/Red
  • Prolite
  • Energy Backbone
  • Memory Fit
  • 100mm Medium Last
  • Legendary Hawx Feel
Bestseller No. 8
Atomic HAWX Prime 90 Ski Boots Mens Sz 10/10.5 (28/28.5) Black/Red
  • Prolite
  • Energy Backbone
  • Memory Fit
  • 100mm Medium Last
  • Legendary Hawx Feel
Bestseller No. 9
Atomic HAWX Ultra 100 Ski Boots Mens Sz 9/9.5 (27/27.5) Black/Anthracite
  • Prolite
  • Memory Fit
  • 98mm Narrow Last
  • Energy Backbone
  • Legendary Hawx Feel
Bestseller No. 10
Atomic HAWX Ultra 95 W Ski Boot - Women's White/Silver, 23.5
  • Shell Material: True Flex PU
  • Flex: 95
  • Last Width: 98mm
  • Buckles: 4
  • Buckle Material: aluminum

Average Pricing and Where to Purchase Atomic Ski Boots

The Atomic boots are available through Atomic’s website. Sites like Amazon and REI also carry Atomic ski boots.

Our Verdict: The Best Atomic Ski Boots

Regardless of skiing level or capabilities, Atomic ski boots are an excellent option for all skiers. It is important to compare several designs and models, to find the best fit for your capabilities.

There are several great options for skiers who want to invest in a pair of Atomic ski boots. They are, however, costly boots, so skiers have to budget accordingly. For skiers looking for a forgiving design and customization, the Atomic Hawx Magna 100 is a great option. The flex technologies, custom-fit design, and incline adjustments are also excellent features. A wider boot design and overall construction are also superior to other boots on the list.

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