Skiing is a sport many avid outdoor enthusiasts love. Whether it's the thrill of the race, improving fitness levels, or enjoying the cold weather, it's an excellent winter activity. If you're preparing for the upcoming ski season, you want to begin purchasing ski equipment as early as possible. Apex ski boots are just one of the many options available for skiers.

You want to glide down the slopes quickly as an advanced skier. And, for beginners, you want to maintain balance and avoid crashing. Choosing the best boots and skis is half the battle. Why not prepare for ski season early this year? Apex is going to take you to the next level. These boots allow you to conquer the challenging slopes, regardless of which ski resorts you hit this year.

About Apex Ski Boots

The Apex ski boots company is from Boulder, Colorado, and has been operating since 2006. Utilizing an Open-Chassis™ design, the Apex ski boots brand focuses on comfort, durability, and warmth. The company's primary goal is to deliver a boot that has it all. Comfort, technology, and proper flex are essential priorities for the manufacturer.

Also, the company focuses on designing a product that can handle all terrains. The company has won multiple awards including top ski boot, and innovator brand, among others. Apex is a leader in the skiing industry. Therefore, beginner and advanced skiers alike rely on the quality and construction of the Apex brand.

Sizing Your Ski Boot

A quality ski boot is only half the battle when choosing new skiing equipment. If skiers don't select the right size, to ensure high comfort levels, they're going to suffer. For this reason, it is vital that skiers take the time to compare several boots to find the right fit. Not all boots fit alike. Some are narrow, while other boots have additional lining throughout. Because of this, skiers should try on several boots to find the proper fit for their feet.

Mondo sizing

touring skis

When choosing ski boots, the right size is essential to ensure a comfortable fit and form. All ski boots in the U.S., E.U., and the U.K. utilize the Mondo-Point systemfor sizing. This system is a guideline which ensures no matter what boot/brand skiers buy every boot has the same sizing.

Tips for sizing

Now that the skier knows their size in Apex ski boots, it's important to try the boots on to ensure a comfortable fit. Some pointers for skiers to consider when buying ski boots include:

  • Wear ski socks to try the boots on
  • Adjust the buckles by loosening and tightening them to achieve the right tension levels
  • For those who want to upgrade the insoles, wear the insoles when trying on Apex ski boots
  • Choose boots with moldable liners, as these will conform to the wearer's feet over time

Skiers should also consider how long it will take to break the boots in. Some boots are stiffer than others, specifically high flex boots for advanced skiers. Understand that some boots might require little extra time to achieve the most comfortable fit possible. For some skiers, a professional adjustment is sometimes necessary. A ski boot technician can modify the boot shell. They can also customize the boot in other manners, to achieve the proper fit and comfort levels.

Types of Apex Ski Boots Available

Heading up the mountain on a crisp winter day for a day of skiing is an exciting way to spend the day. The best way to prepare for a day on the slopes is to make sure you have the ski equipment essentials you need. If you're a beginner, you might think all you need are skis, poles, and maybe a nice warm jacket, but getting ready to ski takes a little more shopping than that.

One of the most important things to remember when buying your ski equipment is that skiing is a sport. Like any other sport, the proper equipment is essential if you want to have an enjoyable and safe experience. Try not to be intimidated by the amount of ski equipment you need. After all, you're starting a new adventure, and sometimes that means you have to by a lot of stuff!



The first thing you might think of when getting yourself ready to ski, are the actual skis themselves. When you walk into a ski shop, the best thing to do is talk to the ski expert who works there. Most ski stores will have a chart to help you pick the proper skis for your height, weight, and expert level. Beginners are better off choosing shorter skis because they're easier to maneuver than long skis.

Keep your eye out for the brands K2 and Rossignol. They have been the frontrunners of quality skis for decades. The terrain you'll be skiing on is also a consideration, but beginners can't go wrong with an all-mountain ski. These skis will cover most of the mountain types and difficulties beginners will encounter.

Ski boot varieties

Skiers will quickly learn that many variations of Apex ski boots are available. Alpine, or downhill ski boots, are for skiers who are using alpine skis and bindings. They keep the toe and heel in place. Many skiers wear alpine boots with additional liners. Doing this helps with shock absorption. These boots have a pivot point near the ankle making it easier to turn at fast speeds.

Telemark ski boots appear similar to alpine ski boots. One primary distinction is the bellows at the front of the boot. New Telemark Norm and Nordic Norm bindings are compatible with these ski boots. Telemark boots are for fast downhill skiing, and great for directional turning/pivoting on the slopes.

Alpine touring ski boots are somewhat of a combination between alpine and telemark boots. The heel of the boot is perfect for traversing flat terrain and effortlessly ascending on inclines. The boots feature a rubber outsole for additional traction.

Cross-country ski boots are a final variety to consider. These boots feature a waterproof outer coating and are lighter and less bulky than other boot variations. They are excellent for more extended trail skiing or skiing on smooth trails for long distances.

Flex and Width

The appropriate flex and width of Apex ski boots are of high importance for skiers as well. Flex refers to how stiff or forgiving a pair of ski boots is. Boots with a rating of 60 to 80, are typically soft-flex ski boots. The boots are forgiving, allowing skiers to learn to balance and navigate in ski boots properly. Medium levels fall between 80 to 100 range. These boots are for moderate to advanced skiers. They offer a little more variety and control on ski slopes. Firm ski boots typically have a rating of 100 to 120 (some manufacturers go as high as 150 range). These boots are for carving and the most advanced skiers.

The width of the shoe is also important. A range of 98mm to 100mm is a narrow ski boot range. A boot with 100mm to 102mm is for skiers with broader feet. When measuring these figures, it is important to measure at the fullest part of the forefoot.

Our Process for Reviewing the Best Apex Ski Boots

When we review Apex ski boots, we look at several factors. We consider the ski boot variations available. Depending on a skier's level, the width, design, and flex are essential attributes to choosing a boot. The prices are also crucial for skiers who are on a budget. Reviewing pricing also allows us to help skiers find the best product for a reasonable price. Lastly, we rely on reviews by customers who own these boots and use them regularly for skiing.

Where to Buy and the Average Price of Apex Ski Boots

Apex ski boots are available from the Apex company website. Customers can also find the boots on Amazon, REI, and also sites like Prices vary greatly depending on the series, and whether boots are for beginner or advanced skiers.

The Best Apex Ski Boots Available

Skiers must consider several ski boots before purchasing them. These are some of the best models available for skiers of every level.

Apex MC-X Big Mountain

Apex MC-X Big Mountain

These alpine ski boots feature a walkable inner liner for overall comfort and proper fit. The rigid outer chassis guarantees high levels of control skiing downhill. The boot has a dual boa closure system and 18 points of closure. This design gives skiers full control of comfort and adjustability to ensure the best fit possible.

Skiers who have more experience appreciate the firm flex of 115. This rating is ideal for turning tight corners, fast downhill speeds, and optimal control on the skis. Skiers complain that the boots are somewhat smaller than traditional boot sizing systems. Some suggest purchasing one or two sizes larger than their average fit.

Apex HP 

Apex HP 28 Alpine

For skiers who like various methods for adjusting their ski boots, the HP 28 offers just that. Multiple closure points ensure skiers feet are comfortable and don't mobilize while they're on the slopes. A heat moldable inner liner conforms to the skier's feet, providing high levels of comfort out of the box.

The boot features a walkable inner liner. This liner allows skiers to wear them indoors as well. So, there's no need to change to walking shoes when stepping indoors for a short period.

Reviewers note the boots require modification. Although the manufacturer claims they conform to the feet, skiers indicate that some break-in time is necessary.

No products found.

Apex MC-S2014

Apex MC-S2014

These all-mountain sports ski boots are an excellent option for skiers looking for comfort and fast downhill speeds. They feature an open chassis design and single reel boa closure system. This system affords skiers optimal levels of control when adjusting the boots to guarantee the proper fit.

The ski boot features a turntable A-flex suspension system. It allows skiers to use one of three elastometers which come with their boot. It will enable each skier to achieve high levels of comfort, without compromising performance. The 85-flex rating and 105mm width are perfect for beginners with broader feet.

Skiers indicate the boot requires a more substantial binding than other manufacturers. This means adjustment is necessary for some skiers using this pair of Apex ski boots.

Apex XP-L 

Apex XP-L 26

With heat-moldable liners, these Apex ski boots fit perfectly right out of the box. They feature thicker interior lining, adding warmth, without compromising comfort or fit. Various adjustment levers and buckles also give skiers full control of tightness settings with their new boots.

The boots also feature a walkable interior liner. Skiers appreciate this feature which allows them to go from indoor to outdoor settings without changing shoes. Skiers who are highly mobile like the design and comfort of these Apex ski boots.

The price is high for these ski boots. Additionally, skiers complain that the frames are heavy. This frame makes it difficult to travel with the product to different ski destinations, especially for international travels.

No products found.

Apex ML

Apex ML-3

This boot features micro and macro adjustment buckles. It gives skiers full range and control of where to tighten or loosen, and how much. With a heat-moldable interior liner, the boots also instantly conform to the wearer's feet. Instant comfort and perfect fit is a significant design element of this product.

The boot features a turntable A-flex adjustment system. The boot has several adjustment flex ratings, between 90 to 110 range. This range is ideal for skiers at every level. Regardless of experience or the level of control a skier seeks, the boot affords it to them.

The ratings for this ski boot are excellent. Skiers like the design, fit, and also the control they have when wearing the boot. The only complaint is that the ski boot is somewhat expensive in comparison with other products.

No products found.

Apex XP Ski Boots

Apex XP-L Big Mountain Ski Boots for Women

These boots feature a duo boa closure system and 18 distinct closure points. Skiers who value control and adjustment variation will love this ski boot. The boot has a flex rating of 115 to 130. It is also an excellent boot for advanced skiers who plan on using it for downhill skiing.

Dual-density ergonomic insoles help improve absorption. This feature also minimizes impact when skiers are doing jumps or performing tricks in their ski boots. Heat-moldable liners also conform to the wearer's feet for instant comfort.

Skiers complain that the heel section of the boot is extremely tight. It also limits mobility when wearing the walking boot causing discomfort.

No products found.

Apex MC-2 High Performance

Apex Ski Boots MC-2

The moldable liners and dual boa adjustment system, provide instant comfort out of the box for skiers. The boots are for intermediate skiers. The medium-flex range falls between 90 to 110. The last width is 103mm, making the boots perfect for skiers with wide feet.

The boot also features a walkable-switch. This feature of the Apex ski boots eliminates the need for skiers to change boots when moving indoors. A honeycomb tread exterior outsole also provides excellent traction. This tread pattern is perfect when using the boots in walk mode.

Skiers complain the boot is extremely tight. One review indicates that the boot was impossible to put on and was extremely uncomfortable. Pricing is another area which skiers complain about these boots when comparing them to similar models by competing manufacturers.

No products found.

Best Apex Ski Boots for Advanced and Beginner Skiers

Depending on your search for wanderlust and level of experience, the Apex ski boots you'll purchase will vary from skier to skier. For beginners, the Apex MC-S2014 is a great option. The boots have a broad base of 105mm, and also a soft flex of 85. Even skiers with no experience at all will find the boot comfortable from the onset. Adjustability and the choice of three elastometers also afford skiers optimal levels of control. The boots are easy to break-in as well, ensuring high standards of comfort and confidence from day one.

For the advanced skier, the Apex XP Ski Boots are an excellent choice. The flex falls between 115 to 130. These boots also have the dual-density ergonomic insole, which helps minimize the impact on landing. The boot features the walkable liner as well, allowing skiers to go from indoor to outdoor settings without changing shoes. This product also features 18 adjustment points and closures. Skiers with more experience can readily modify the boot, for the highest levels of comfort and bounce, for challenging slopes.


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