Hi – I’m Carly Duran, founder and content creator for Skiing Insider! I began bombing the slopes when I was 4 years old and can’t imagine a life without the sport.

I grew up skiing around Vermont and testing my skills in northeastern conditions. Those mountains make winter life in the north not only bearable but beautiful. Because of skiing, winter quickly became my favorite season and stays on my mind all year.

Each year of school, I participated on the ski racing team to keep my skills strong. But I found the real fun of skiing is going off the trail and exploring the whole mountain. When new snow falls, the mountain changes and you get to discover it all over again.

During college and after graduation, I worked at a ski shop and learned all about maintenance, repairs, as well as the ski industry. Over the past few years, researching skis and resorts started taking up more of my time outside of work. I started asking questions like, which skis are right for my trip out west? Is that famous resort really worth the trip or expense? Do they have ski school for my friends and family?

I knew that other people were asking the same questions and wanted to share this valuable research with them. On this site, you’ll find the information I’ve collected about the best brands for different conditions or what to look for when buying a new pair of skis.

SkiingInsider.com will become your one-stop-shop for everything ski related, so you know how to make informed purchases and plan the best vacations. I read almost every ski magazine so that you don’t have to!

When the snow melts, you’ll find me keeping in shape on the mountain with trail running and biking to prepare for the next winter.

One of the great perks of skiing is the community you build through local resorts and ski shops. My friends and fellow expert skiers will be sharing their “insider” knowledge with you based on the trips they’ve taken and the equipment they’ve tested.

If you’re serious about skiing, we welcome to our site and our community and we hope you find our resources helpful! We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.